1000 Shields Donated!


Today is a huge accomplishment as we were able to donate over 1000+ Face Shields to front line workers providing direct patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. My household has been working around the clock to push out as many shields as possible we are glad to help out as much as we can. Thank you everyone for all your support and donations! You are really making a difference in all of our front line worker’s lives!

Update on requests: -We still have a request list of close to 4000 requests and will do our best to keep up with requests. -For those who have put in a request, please be patient as we are trying to accommodate all “orders” -You will be contacted when we have shields available and pickup can either be on the day of or up to two weeks after.

Currently working on: reaching out to requests and scheduling for pickup What we’ve accomplished: - 1000+ Shields donated - 35 Nurses/Hospital requests completed - 200 Shields per day - Expanded 3D printing network to help more hospitals If you know any nurses in the Los Angeles area that are in need of face shields 1) Share this page to give them the most up-to-date information 2) Have them complete our request form on our website at

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