Thank you all! 5000 SHIELDS DONATED!

Hello all! It's been a crazy last few weeks but, I want to finally announce the success of our fundraiser. This started off as a small opportunity to help a local hospital and it has grown into a huge operation to help any first responders who are in dire need of PPE. Thank you all once more for your generous support!

With the help of our volunteers we were able to distribute 3D printed face shields to our front line workers across Southern California. With requests pouring in nationwide, we expanded our project to reach those out of state! Due to the dynamic situation and our ever growing supply of PPE, we can finally rest at ease knowing that our first responders have the necessary PPE that they need.

The amazing stories that I’ve heard these past few months have been truly heartwarming. Our hospital staff and COVID-19 care centers could not be more thankful to have these Face shields to protect them. Out of all the shields we produced, I am confident that our shields protected and saved many lives from this deadly virus. We may have won the first battle with COVID-19, but I believe we are far from winning the war. With cases still continuing to rise all over our nation, should there be another strong wave of COVID 19 cases, we are supplied and ready to start producing 3D print Face Shields when the demand calls. We don’t know what the future will hold, but I am confident that challenging times are ahead of us and we must remain strong. Once more, we would like to thank all the First Responders during this pandemic as they are the real heroes protecting us. Thank you for all that you do!

In total we were able to accomplishing the following:

*Completed over 134 requests on our website!

*Our shields were donated and reached out to 112 hospitals and COVID 19 care centers nationwide.

*In total, we 3D printed and produced over 5,154 Faceshields!

Once more, thank you all and please stay safe during these troubled times.

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