We did it.. 2000 SHIELDS DONATED!

We successfully produced and donated over 2000 shields yesterday! I would not have believed that we would ever reach this number but, I am so glad we were able to help so many first responders. My family and I have been tirelessly working nonstop to produce these shields. For the past few weeks all we could think about was how to make more shields and distribute them as fast as possible. We are continuing our efforts and don't plan to stop until these COVID 19 cases finally settle down. With your help we hope to achieve our goal that medical staff will have the required PPE that they desperately need!

As always, please continue to share this page and let any other family, friends, and hospitals know of this opportunity and we will work with them to get these PPE to the front lines! Once more, thank you all for supporting our amazing medical staff! We're starting to get alot more photos in so please give a special thanks to our first responders below!! #givemeppe #shieldsfornurses

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